Rustic knife display

The theme for the bar area of my man cave is going to be quite rustic and military. Over the years I’ve had a good chance to travel the world with the Army, and work with some great people. I’ve tried to get souvenirs whenever possible. This photo is of a few knives that I picked up in Afghanistan. The inspiration for the display board came from an image I found on the internet, and it uses wood from an old box, bone, and wire. It was very simple to construct, but I feel compliments the dirty old knives perfectly. The knives are just resting on the bones, which allows them to be picked up and played with. The bones were from a lamb leg roast, and were boiled for about 10 minutes to clean them, and then cut in sections with a hacksaw, before being glued to the wood with liquid nails. Grooves have been cut into the bones to allow the blades of the knives to stay in place. Thanks for looking.