Olympic lifting platform build

Here’s a couple of photos of the completed platform. It was simple to build, and for a good video on how to do it, check out my other post. I used 3 pieces of 5-ply (14mm thick) with 1200 x 2400 dimensions. I lay the first two pieces of ply down left to right and then covered them both in liquid nails. From there I lay the last piece of ply in the centre of the top, and a length of 14mm thick rubber down each side. I got the rubber at clarks rubber (Australia) where they sell it by the metre. I knew the dimensions that I needed were two lots of 600 x 2400mm, so I got them to cut it for me in the shop. I found that the rubber stuck down well with just the liquid nails, but I screwed the top piece of ply down to the bottom pieces with some 20mm wood screws. I also put some rubber matting under the platform for extra shock and noise absorption. All in all it took about an hour to build, and it works great.