The name of my bar is going to be “The Blue Voodoo Lounge”. Stolen from the name of a small common area that we had when I was overseas with the army, I have good memories associated with the name. The voodoo doll itself holds a particular significance to the element of the military that I used to be a part of, so given the military theme of my bar it seems appropriate.

When I was picking up the pine floorboards that I used for the floor, the people that I bought them from also threw in an old panel of wood that had sat above the bar area in the house that they were renovating. I instantly recognised that it would be perfect for the name sign for my bar.


I wanted to use a neon type font for the sign, and attempt to make it look aged and weathered. The first step was to print out the font on the computer and create a stencil for it on the sign. I lay down some sticky tape on the wood and then after printing out the font, I arranged it where I wanted it on the sign. Following that I cut around all the edges of the letters to create a stencil of sorts to spray paint onto the sign.


Once I had the stencil, I hit it with a couple of coats of primer and sealer to seal the aged wood, and then with some coats of white paint to get the following finish as a base for colour.



Flanking the words on the sides I wanted an image of a voodoo doll, and an aged-looking Australian flag. Using the same technique as for the wording, I created stencils and used primer / sealer for the base of the other images.


To complete the aged, weathered look for the sign I did a patchy job of colouring it in, using a cheesy, neon look for the lettering with some bold shadowing.


I think the sign will fit in nicely with the rustic look that I’m trying to create for the bar and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. More than anything, I’m wrapped to have gotten my hands on the great old piece of wood and given it a new lease of life.