Having finished the lower level of the bar counter it was time to start building up the bar back and the actual bar top. For the bar back I found an excellent old rustic fire place surround to use. The only things missing were a bottle step and a mirror. Keeping the same vintage Jarrah and pine theme, I knocked up a bottle step to fit inside the gap of the bar back.

IMG_1169IMG_1171 IMG_1170

Once I had that done it was time to start to start building up the fascia between the bar counter and the bar top.

IMG_1206 IMG_1205

On top of that went a thick layer of pine to act as the first layer of the bar top.

IMG_1207 IMG_1209 IMG_1208

Time for a test fit for the bar back. I picked up a 900 x 900mm mirror from Bunnings and fixed it to the back of the fire place surround to act as the bar back. To finish it off I knocked up a pine border for the mirror, once again keeping with the theme of the pine / Jarrah contrast.


Shaping up well.