Following on from my last post, I spent a few more hours detailing, filing and sanding my carving to arrive at the point where I felt it was ready for lacquer. Disappointingly, I dropped the carving at one point and it cracked through an imperfection in the wood on the left, top wing. I glued it back together with Aquadhere, hoping that it would hold, and with a few costs of lacquer, it wouldn’t be so obvious.

IMG_1810 IMG_1809 IMG_1808IMG_1813 IMG_1812

After three coats of spray lacquer, I let it dry and gave it a good sand, before applying a further three coats to really bring out the shine. The plan from here is to get an engraved plaque done up for the front of it, and present it to a good mate of mine who the logo has relevance to, and who has helped me out significantly in recent times. Hope he likes it!

IMG_1821 IMG_1820P1020616 P1020615 P1020614

Cheers for looking, dan.