With the bar build finally well underway, I wanted to start constructing the bar counter and an overhanging bulkhead for above the bar back. The plans that I had from barplan.com suggested a few layers leading up to the actual final bar top. I had sourced some slabs of Jarrah for the final bar top, but first I needed to lay down a solid layer of pine, and then an overhanging layer of plywood. Below shows the these two layers, creating the foundation for the bar top, as well as the overhang required to comfortably stand up close to the bar.


Next I cut a few pieces of plywood to cover the front of the bar. My plan is to have a few signs that I have collected along the way attached to the bar front. For that reason, I have opted to go for simple painted plywood for the bar front, as most of it will be covered anyway. As it is the Blue Voodoo Lounge, naturally I have gone with blue for the colour. In the background of the photos below can be seen a glass front bar fridge that I picked up on Gumtree (Australian online auction site), which will do quite nicely as a beer fridge. Unfortunately, it is slightly wider than I would have liked, causing me to have to cut the footrest off one side of the bar so it didn’t overhang the floorboard area by too much.

IMG_1235 IMG_1242 IMG_1241 IMG_1236

Next will be the bulkhead for above the bar back. Cheers for looking, dan.