The bar was now in a stage of completion where I could start thinking about fitting the panels of ply to the front of it and finishing off the foot rest. I went with the same Jarrah floor boards that I used for both the flooring and the bar counter, to make the foot rest. Once it was done, I sanded it back and then finished the edges off with a router.

IMG_1276 IMG_1277

I then painted the foot rest with a few coats of matte finish varnish to contrast a little with the floorboards. When I was at the house demolition shop picking up some more Jarrah floorboards, I came across a few wooden bed posts that had an interesting design, and I thought might be good as features for trim on the front of the bar. I buzzed a couple of them in half on the table saw, and then stained them with a Jarrah stain to suit the foot rest, and then fitted them to size on the front of the bar to cover the joins in the plywood.

IMG_1278 IMG_1287 IMG_1279

Thanks for looking, dan.