With the bar nearing completion, I turned my attention to the bulkhead for above the bar back. My goal with this build was to have it overhanging the bar back, with a view to mounting a few bits and pieces into it, as well as some down lights to shine down onto the bottle step and the back counter of the bar. The first challenge was to create a structure that would support the weight of the overhanging bulkhead. Knowing where the studs were behind the Gyprock, I added another few beams of pine on the front side of the wall, and then attached some gusseted brackets at the height I wanted the bulkhead to be.


From there, I attached some pine pieces along the bottom of the brackets, and then filled the spaces in between with horizontal pieces of pine to form the bottom, front border of the bulkhead.

IMG_1258 IMG_1259

Once the size of the bulkhead had been defined, it was a matter of building the rest of the box. The intent was to have a few recessed shelves in the bulkhead to hold a few statues I have accumulated along the way, as well as a large central recess to hold the centrepiece for my bar, a framed replica of an M4 rifle that I used to use when I was in the army.

IMG_1262 IMG_1266 IMG_1265

Below is a trial fit of the M4 replica, the statues, and of course, the Blue Voodoo Lounge sign that will go above the bar. I also decided to modify my vintage pistol display and mount the pistols on the bar back, above the mirror.


Thanks for looking, dan.