Since I first hatched the idea of a home bar, I’d wanted to have the bar rail covered in snakeskin. Whilst I appreciate that it is a little outrageous, and probably not really in keeping with the wood theme of the surrounding bar, it has always been my plan. As seen in an earlier post, where I made a watchband out of snakeskin, I had my hands on a 15 foot Sumatran python skin which was a perfect fit for the bar rail. My goal was to not have to cut the skin, and to have it as a complete skin, neatly glued to the bar rail. The first photo in the series below shows a test fit of the skin for length. I wanted to have both the belly and back scales of the snake skin displayed, so I took particular care in trying to line up the skin evenly on the rail. Once I was happy with positioning, I worked my way around with contact adhesive and started gluing the skin to the rail. The corners were a little tricky to stretch the skin as not to get wrinkles in it, and also to keep it relatively straight.



Once the front of the bar rail had been covered, I took the rail off and started stretching and gluing the skin to the underside of the rail. I then trimmed off the excess for a neat finish.


The finished product.


Once finished, I used some neutral leather shoe polish to bring out the true colour of the snakeskin.



Cheers for looking, dan