The plans that I was working with to build the bar (purchased from, a highly recommended website for anyone considering building a bar) called for a bar rail to be installed. From what I can gather, the moulding for a bar rail is readily available in the US, however unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone in Australia that supplies the railings. After mucking around with a concept to create the railings from a single piece of wood, I had the thought of combining several different shapes of smaller mouldings to achieve the profile that I wanted. The first image in this series shows the different mouldings that I used to create the composite shape that I required. I simply glued them together using the bar top as a jig.


Once all the sections had been glued together, I sanded them back neatly to get a nice smooth profile, and then cut and glued the angles required for the bar to create a single piece. Because my plan is to cover the mouldings with a large python skin that I have, I wasn’t particularly concerned about their appearance, just that they fit well and were nice and smooth.




Cheers for looking, dan.