When I was at the lighting shop to buy the lights for the bar, I came across a set of LED lights designed for mounting in outdoor decking. It was a set of six lights, controlled by remote, that could be set to any colour you wanted and also made to flash and strobe. Having seen a few bars online with lighting underneath them, I thought the LEDs would be perfect to illuminate the front of my bar at night. I set about building some small boxes to mount the LEDs in, and then mounted the lights into the underside of the front of the bar. Given that the light boxes wouldn’t really be seen, I didn’t go to much effort to make them look good, I simply knocked them together with ply and then stained them with a Jarrah stain. The box in the last picture is the receiver for the remote control to change the colour and setting of the lights.


The bar by night.



Cheers for looking, dan.