At long last it was time to start attacking the actual bar top. I got my hands on a few slabs of Jarrah through a good mate of mine and had them milled into the width and thickness that I wanted. I then measured out and cut three pieces to make up the complete bar top including the angles. Unfortunately the wood was significantly warped and wasn’t simply going to fit together nicely without a bit of time invested in planing it back.

My design for the bar top is based on a bar that I came across on a US military base in Belgium. That bar had a glass top that was hinged, and inside the bar top was patches and coins from all sorts of military units from around the world. The concept was, that if you donated a coin or patch to the collection that you got a free beer. Having accumulated a bunch of coins and badges over the years from military units that I had worked and trained with, I wanted to recreate this concept in my bar top. My plan is to have the most significant of my coins and badges countersunk into the bar top, and then covered in a lacquer. The final photo in this series shows how I plan to lay out the bar top. First things first however, I needed to get the slabs for the bar top flat and even.



Many hours of work with an electric plane later, I finally had the bar top slabs flat and even.



Thanks for looking, dan.