Well it’s been one year since I started the man cave build, and I thought I’d take the chance to do post with snapshots of the build process to date.

man cave blank slateman cave flooring joists 2man cave flooring 2IMG_0333IMG_0412IMG_0453IMG_0543IMG_0554IMG_0705IMG_0707IMG_0704IMG_0808IMG_1097IMG_2578IMG_1131IMG_1157IMG_1176IMG_1228IMG_1256IMG_1266IMG_1287IMG_1295IMG_1377IMG_1432IMG_1478IMG_1477IMG_1485IMG_1533IMG_1650IMG_1691

All in all, I’m pretty happy with progress, and I’ve certainly had a whole bunch of fun during the build and learned a lot of new skills along the way. Still plenty of work to be done, particularly in the workshop side of the cave, but the end is in sight for the bar build. I’ll keep you posted.

Cheers for looking, dan.